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Huge Sale on Weapon and Shield Microtransactions

We've just started a sale on weapon skins, shield skins and weapon effects with more than a hundred microtransactions available at discounted prices, including the Oriath weapon skins and weapon effects, the Sin and Innocence shields, weapon skins, weapon effects and more! Check out the full list of specials here. Have a great weekend everyone! Read More.

19.04.2019 07:00

The Viper Bow and the Viper Armour Set

We've just introduced the Viper Armour Set and a corresponding bow skin. The Viper Armour Set is made of metal and glows with a soft green light. The Viper Bow is also made of metal and decorated with green membranes which make it look like a dragon wing. Find out more in this news post or click here to check out both of them in the store. Read More.

18.04.2019 03:40

More ExileCon Tickets on Sale!

We've just added a batch of new ExileCon tickets (including more VIP ones)! Check out our news post from earlier in the week for other recent news about ExileCon. If you run into any issues, please email us at exilecon@grindinggear.com Read More.

18.04.2019 00:00

The Lost Souls Apparition Effect

We've just released the Lost Souls Apparition Effect which adds a temporary effect of a bloody vaal ghost to your amulet. Check it out by watching this video or click here to get yours. Read More.

17.04.2019 01:29

Einhar Competition Highlights

We've reached the middle of the Einhar-Themed Talent Competition, and this means that you have less than two weeks left to submit your entry! In the meantime, we're continuing to showcase submissions from this competition, created by our talented community. Check them out in this news post! Read More.

17.04.2019 00:29