Twilight Strand

The Scare Mask Helmet

To cap off our week of Halloween microtransactions, we're introducing something a little different. This graphic black and white scare mask is the first helmet of its kind that fully rotates around your neck - guaranteed to spook your pals! It's only available for a limited time so be sure to check out the video and get yours in store. Read More.

18.10.2018 23:49

Craft Competition Winners

Earlier this week we concluded our first Craft Competition and today we're ready to announce the winners! As always, we have been blown away by the talent of our community and increased our prize pool to accommodate extra rewards! Read More.

18.10.2018 22:40

Gothic Horror Ghost Child Pet and Sawblade Blade Vortex

Our Halloween week continues as we release the Gothic Horror Ghost Child Pet - a haunting apparition that will trail you as you bring death to the land. We're also introducing the Sawblade Blade Vortex Effect that really amplifies the slicing and dicing effect of the skill with daunting rings of hot serrated metal. Get yours in store here. Read More.

18.10.2018 03:27

Delve League Class Statistics

Continuing our series looking at stats from the Delve leagues, today we're looking at the class breakdown across multiple leagues and delve depths! Read More.

18.10.2018 02:11

Demonic Flicker Strike, Demonic Spectral Throw, and Demonic Storm Call

Halloween is the perfect time to release demonic-themed skill effects so we're partying-large by releasing three at once! In store now are the Demonic Flicker Strike, Demonic Spectral Throw and Demonic Storm Call Effects! Get yours in store here.Read More.

17.10.2018 05:57