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The Water Elemental Armour Set and Weapon

We've just introduced new Water Elemental microtransactions to the store, including the Water Elemental Armour Set and Weapon Skin. Check them out in this news post, or click here to get yours. Read More.

27.06.2019 04:57

3.7.3 Patch Notes

In addition to a small 3.7.2b patch, which was deployed earlier this week, the team has been working on a bigger 3.7.3 update with many improvements and fixes. We're planning to release it by the end of this working week. As usual, we have prepared a preview of its patch notes beforehand, so you can get an idea of what to expect. Read More.

27.06.2019 01:14

The Water Elemental Hideout Decoration

We've just released the Water Elemental Hideout Decoration. Made of water that takes various shapes of sea corals and plants, this cosmetic effect is a truly interesting addition to any hideout. Check it out by watching this video, or click here to get yours. Read More.

26.06.2019 05:51

Download the Frontier Mystery Box Soundtrack for Free!

We know that many of you enjoy listening to Path of Exile soundtrack, created (and recently updated) by our composer Kamil. Today we'd like to add one more track to your playlist! As an appreciation for your continued support, we're making the soundtrack of the new Frontier Mystery Box available as a free download. Read More.

26.06.2019 03:21

Get the Steam-Powered Portal, Arcane Visage, Arcane Halo and Azure Weapon Effect Free with Twitch Prime!

We've just begun our final month of teaming up with Twitch Prime to bring you these Path of Exile microtransactions free when you sign up to Twitch Prime. Until the 23rd of July, you'll be able to redeem these free cosmetic effects by starting a free one-month trial with Twitch Prime and linking your Path of Exile account to Twitch. Read More.

25.06.2019 00:08