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Malevolence, Zealotry and Aura Changes

Alongside the Synthesis League, we're going to be introducing a number of new damage spells and two new Auras that can benefit them. These are called Zealotry and Malevolence. We've also made a few adjustments to some existing auras. Read More.

21.02.2019 02:28

Announcing Path of Exile: Synthesis

We're proud to announce Path of Exile: Synthesis! You'll encounter Cavas, recover his lost memories and chain them together to reach valuable rewards, new boss fights and crafting opportunities. This expansion contains the Synthesis challenge league, new items, new gems, a complete rebalance of spells throughout Path of Exile, an integrated version of the Betrayal league and much, much more. Please check out the announcement page, watch the trailer and check out the new supporter packs! Read More.

19.02.2019 23:10

Skill Rework - Storm Burst

Alongside the new league, a huge number of spells are being rebalanced. A few are also receiving mechanical changes, the most extreme changes being to Storm Burst. Today we're going to go over all of the changes it's receiving. Read More.

19.02.2019 03:48

Upcoming Timelines! Betrayal Packs Ending

There are only a couple of days left until we reveal the full details of our next expansion. Today we'd like to take a moment to remind you about the end of the Betrayal Supporter Packs and several upcoming dates to be aware of. Read More.

18.02.2019 00:21

New Hideout Preview and Super Stash Sale

The 3.6.0 announcement is right around the corner! The full details will be revealed on Tuesday, February 19th (PST). In the meantime, we're showcasing another discoverable hideout from the 3.6.0 expansion, the Alpine Hideout. Additionally, we're holding a sale on every type of stash tab. Click here to check out the discounts. Read More.

15.02.2019 06:00